The Vacant Lot is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Arnold and his friends clean up a dirty lot to play baseball on, but when the adults find the lot, they take it over and use it for their own reasons.


Arnold and Gerald are trying to find a place to play baseball since they play on the street and a car always passes by. They find an abandoned lot and decide to clean it up. They fix it, play ball, and name it Gerald Field. They leave for home and then a bunch of adults like Grandpa, Mr. Green, Ernie, and Suzie take over the field.

The kids discover too late what happened. They try to play baseball anyway, but all the adults get in the way. They end up being kicked out of the lot. They are reduced to using a small alley for playing. They find out the adults have a hard time using the lot and are constantly arguing about its use. One tries to use a certain spot, but someone else says it is for another thing. The kids decide they have had enough and dump a dumpster full of garbage on the field. The kids say that this is what it looked like before they put in all the work to clean it up. Gerald adds if the adults want it so bad, they can have it the way they found it, as a dump.

Then the kids leave. The adults finally feel guilty and decide to do something nice. They turn the lot into a real baseball field. They decide to play ball, while Mr. Hyunh keeps running while screaming "play ball". Grandpa ends the episode with "Will you be QUIET?!"

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