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"The Aptitude Test" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga thinks she's dim because she failed an aptitude test at school, only to discover she received Harold's test score, and vice versa.


Mr. Simmons' class prepares to take an aptitude test and it is mentioned that no other student has achieved a higher score than Olga Pataki. Later on, when Eugene is carrying the test papers, he accidentally drops them which scatters across the floor. In a state of panic, he scoops all of the tests back into random folders which leads to a mix up. It is announced to Harold and his parents that he received a very high score which leads him to believe that he is smart. Meanwhile, Helga has difficulty accepting and coping with the fact that she received such a low test score. This makes her feel like she is dumb. However, near the end of the episode, Mr. Simmons and the school officials realize that the tests had somehow been mixed up and are able to figure out which tests belong to which student. It soon turns out that Helga's test and Harold's test got mixed up. Mr. Simmons goes to Helga's house and explains to Bob about the mistake. Bob asks if it will cost him anything more concerned about that then really Helga's status on the test. Helga then snaps out of being dumb, and sees that she has potential to do anything, her poetry and diaries will leave a mark for the future. Unfortunately after thinking she was dumb, she had asked Miriam to burn all her poetry books and diaries which is what her mother does in the fireplace, making Helga scream in horror. It then fades to Harold also screaming, as Mr. Simmons has come to Harold's home to explain about the mix up. Harold is distraught saying he's dumb as a bag of hammers. Mr. Simmons explains that he didn't actually take the test, but he really applied himself this week and that he has the potential to do anything if he put his mind to it. The episode ends with Helga in her closet, writing more poetry in front of her artistic shrine. 

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