Suzie Kokoshka is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Suzie is Oskar's wife. She is the source of Oskar's money (since she works at a department store), at least as long as he keeps ducking when she throws everything not nailed down in their room at him. She usually takes care of everything in the apartment- bills, laundry, food, groceries, etc. while Oskar sits around and asks her to make him a sandwich

Often times Suzie asks Oskar to do things, such as help her take care of her cousin’s baby or help with the chores, and when he doesn't she becomes frustrated.

In the episode Family Man, Suzie mentions that Arnold introduced her and Oskar. It’s unknown how long ago this was, since Arnold is only 9 and they seem to have been together for a few years, or it could’ve been a story she made up for Mr. Hyun’s new boss, as she was posing as Hyun’s wife (Arnold posing as their son, which further confused the new boss)

In a Reddit AMA, Craig Bartlett confirmed that Suzie left Oskar after the events of Hey Arnold! The Movie, explaining her absence in The Jungle Movie

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