Summer is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


In the book "Summer Love" it's confirmed that Summer's at least two or three years older than Arnold (making her around 11 or 12). Arnold (who's nine) met her at the beach in the episode "Summer Love". She showed some interest in his sandcastle building and thought he was a great artist. The two hang out, doing things like laying on a raft together in the ocean, eating lobster on the pier, and laying on beach towels in the sand.

However, it's revealed that she actually already has a boyfriend---a guy named Sandy---when Helga eavesdrops on Summer's conversation under the pier, and that she's just using Arnold because she wanted to win the sandcastle competition. The prize of the contest is making a guest appearance on the TV show "Babewatch".

The next day, Arnold is still being deceived by her. They take some pictures together in the photo booth after watching the sun come up. Then they build a sandcastle together, as she planned Sandy comes over and compliments Arnold on the sandcastle, Summer acts like she doesn't know the guy and plays along in the plan, she gets a yes out of Arnold, that he'll enter the competition with her.

On the day of the sandcastle competition, things go bad for Summer when Arnold is listening in on her and Sandy's conversation and discovers the truth thanks to Helga. Arnold then stands up to Summer and tells her that he knows now that she was just using him the entire time. He leaves her shocked and stunned.

Summer enters the competition with Sandy instead, and they lose out to Arnold and Helga. Summer is in tears, Sandy tries to comfort her, but she just elbows him in the stomach while Arnold and Helga appear on "Babewatch."

This would be Summer's (and Sandy's) only appearance in the whole series.

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