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"Student Teacher" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga's sister Olga comes home for spring break and becomes a classroom aid in Helga's class, much to Helga's chagrin.


Olga comes home for spring break and surprises Helga when she shows up at her school, P.S. 118, and announces that she decided not to move to Alaska but to instead be the new student teacher for Helga's class.

After Olga humiliates Helga by revealing to the class that she used to wet the bed until age 7, she threatens Harold on account of his ridiculing her, prompting Olga to give her detention for the rest of the week. Finally fed up, Helga tries to get Olga into trouble by giving Olga's car a flat tire. Helga becomes angry when Olga meets her on the bus and tells her about the flat tire, unaware that it was done by Helga. Helga tries again, this time by putting a worm inside an apple, hoping it would freak Olga out. Unfortunately, the next day, the plan backfires when Mr. Simmons bites into the apple and faints at the sight of the worm. Her last attempt to take Olga's work papers also backfires, leaving Olga to declare a field trip. With the last straw reached, Arnold (who has a developed a crush on Olga) persuades Helga to have a sit-down with her sister.

Helga confronts Olga. She tells a surprised and perplexed Olga that it is not working out because she doesn't know her and spending time together isn't making them closer. This makes Olga upset and cry because all she wanted to do was be closer to Helga and now is sad that there's nothing she can do to make her and Helga close. However Helga says there is one thing Olga can do to fix their bonding.

At the airport, Helga persuades Olga to become a student teacher in Alaska and explains that the further apart in distance they are, the closer they'll be emotionally. Olga complies even though she is sad that she won't see Helga for a year. At the very end of the episode, Helga is writing a letter in response to the one that she received from Olga.

Initially Helga signs it with the word "From" but then looks at a picture of Olga and the children she is teaching in Alaska and crosses out from and signs "Love, Helga".

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