Snow is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


It's the first snow of the season, and Arnold is looking forward to playing in the snow, but Grandpa needs help taking care of the boarding house. They work hard at several chores while the neighborhood kids play, whilst Grandpa claims that the problem with society today is that there's no work ethic. Eventually, Arnold starts getting into the work and repeats Grandpa's complaint about society: at this point, Grandpa thinks he might have taken things a little too far, and remembers his childhood. He remembers being a young boy, working on fixing a shed while everybody else had fun in the snow: his own grandfather showed up and started a snowball fight to draw him into the fun. Grandpa seeks Arnold out and tells him that the problem with today's society is the lack of 'play ethic': he throws him a snowball and joins the kids' games alongside his grandson.


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