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"Snow" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


It's the first snow of the season, and Arnold is looking forward to playing in the snow, but Grandpa needs help taking care of the boarding house. They work hard at several chores while the neighborhood kids play, whilst Grandpa claims that the problem with society today is that there's no work ethic. Eventually, Arnold starts getting into the work and repeats Grandpa's complaint about society: at this point, Grandpa thinks he might have taken things a little too far, and remembers his childhood. He remembers being a young boy, working on fixing a shed while everybody else had fun in the snow: his own grandfather showed up and started a snowball fight to draw him into the fun. Grandpa seeks Arnold out and tells him that the problem with today's society is the lack of 'play ethic': he throws him a snowball and joins the kids' games alongside his grandson.


It is the start of Winter and it is the first snowstorm of the season! Arnold wakes up and looks outside and feels joyful when he sees that the cars and everything covered in snow! He listens to the radio for the list of school closures and finds that PS 118 is also on the list of closed schools, however, Grandpa is unamused about the snow and suddenly two kids throw snowballs at Grandpa which infuriates him and he scolds at the kids who threw the snowballs.

After getting excited as he found out that his school was closed, Arnold Slides down the railing and runs to his grandpa while he was reading a list of chores to do. Arnold already has a list of things to do of his own: Fun things to do perhaps with Gerald and his class. Grandpa stops him and asks Arnold if he can help him shovel show on his sidewalk. Gerald arrives and asks Arnold to come have fun with he and the rest of his classmates. Arnold informs that he will be there as soon as he is done. Meanwhile, The rest of Arnold's classmates are joyfully enjoying the snow day, Helga and Phoebe are building snowmen, Helga builds a snowman of Arnold then sudden has second thoughts and karate chops it's head. Harold and a group of young men are throwing snowballs when a woman opens the window seeing what the young were up to, she angrily scolds at Harold and tells him not to throw snowballs at city buses again, Harold lies and tells her that they weren't throwing snowballs at city buses. Suddenly they see a bus approaching them, and the boys ready themselves and throw snowballs at the bus hitting the windshield disabling the driver's vision Causing the bus to crash and Grandma and Abner and other animals exit the wrecked bus and is found on a dog sled team.

Meanwhile, Arnold gets finished with the chore and attempts to grab his sled and join Gerald on the fun. Suddenly, The furnace explodes and stops working, causing steam to exhale from the bottom of his house, The borders complain and Grandpa disgusted by the borders complaints asks Arnold to help him with fixing the furnace, suddenly Arnold feels disapproved about his Grandpa asking him to do another chore. While the rest of his classmates were still having fun. Meanwhile, Eugene is on a bobsled sliding down an incline as he was about to crash into a telephone pole he stops his sled and assumed to be relieved that he avoided hitting the pole, but he hits it with his hand causing a pile of snow to fall on him.

Meanwhile, Arnold is suddenly dragged into the chores with his grandpa Gerald again again arrives but Arnold tells him that he can't go and that he is stuck doing chores. Gerald Tells him that Arnold has been doing chores all day, Arnold becomes frustrated and repeats the same line he learned from his grandpa.

Grandpa suddenly starts to feel guilty that he feels like that he is overworking Arnold. He picks up a snowball, and remembers His childhood. Back to reality, Phil gets an idea of grabbing some hoses and turning the street into an ice rink for the kids, even he is joining in on the fun as well as Grandma and the the rest of Arnold's family, Arnold is still working on his chores by stacking up small logs and putting them in a storage container. Grandpa stops Arnold from working and encourages him to join in on the fun. Arnold explained what Grandpa taught him by no work ethic, but Grandpa tells him that we have no play ethic, he throws another snowball at Arnold and Arnold finally gets a chance to have fun with his classmates and his family by joining their hockey game. He sees Ruth and smiles at her as she skates by. At night, the cast sit by a bonfire as it begins to snow again, hinting that their adventures in the snow has just begun, ending the episode.

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