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"Sid the Vampire Slayer" is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


After watching a horror film, Sid notices that Stinky has the attributes of being a vampire.


The episode opens with Arnold, Sid and Stinky watching a vampire movie called Vampires Everywhere at the movie theater. After they leave the theater, Sid becomes paranoid and scared of vampires. Stinky then pretends that he's a vampire and frightens Sid. Sid is then told by Arnold and Stinky that vampires aren't real before he heads to his house. That night Sid has a nightmare where he's chased by Stinky as a vampire which ends with Stinky biting him in the neck.

The next day at school, Sid begins to notice "strange" things with Stinky such as him wearing sunglasses, turning down garlic bread at lunch and him being interested in a blood drive, causing Sid to be convinced that he is a vampire. He tries to tell Arnold about Stinky being a vampire, but he does not believe him. Arnold tells Sid that lots of people wear sunglasses, it doesn't make them vampires, neither is not liking garlic. And for the blood drive, Stinky was probably excited about the free cookies they give out. Sid tells Arnold that he's wrong and will make a believer out of him.

Sid later checks out a book from the library about vampires and finds out that vampires have no reflection. He then takes a picture of Stinky (who bends down), Sid then shows Arnold the picture but Arnold does not believe him, saying the picture doesn't prove anything except that Sid can't use a camera correctly. He later steals Stinky's sandwich and believes that he found fang marks however, Arnold still does not believe him, tells Sid to stop this vampire nonsense and give Stinky his sandwich back(which Stinky was looking for).

Later that night, Sid sneaks onto Stinky's property, Stinky then hides the window curtains and a bat flies down from Stinky's bedroom towards Sid. He then brings the bat (thinking it's Stinky) to school the next day in a cage to show Arnold. Sid tells Arnold that he has the mother of all proof: "Stinky", in his "bat form". Sid tells Arnold that he caught the right bat because he saw this bat flying out of Stinky's room and Iggy told Sid that Stinky wasn't on the bus this morning, convincing Sid that he caught Stinky. An exasperated Arnold, releases the bat from its cage, tells Sid that there's not way that the bat he caught is Stinky. This causes Sid to freak out, fearing that Stinky will get his revenge. Arnold wants to go to Stinky's house with Sid, but not to help Sid take Stinky down, but to convince him once and for all that Stinky is not a vampire!

At night, Sid and Arnold are watching Stinky's house. Arnold sees nothing out of the ordinary, but suddenly he sees Stinky wearing a strange outfit. Sid is convinced that Stinky's wearing a cape. Arnold admits that Stinky's outfit is strange, but before he could finish his sentence, Sid grabs Arnold to get a closer look. Sid and Arnold now see Stinky biting the neck of a goat(Sid is convinced that Stinky is sucking its blood)! Arnold admits that was weird, but tells Sid not to jump to conclusions. Moving to a window, the boys sees Stinky climbing into a coffin! Seeing this as the "final nail in the coffin", Sid "knows" that Stinky's a vampire and he must be destroyed. Arnold admits what they seen is unusual, but reassures that it's all a big misunderstanding. Sid is not convinced and decides to take action, bringing out his "vampire elimination stake" (only for Arnold to notices that it's just a rubber squeak toy). Sid tells Arnold to wait, while he climbs into Stinky's attic for the "attack".

Realizing Sid is not going to listen, Arnold goes to Stinky to talk to him. Arnold tells Stinky that Sid thinks he's a vampire and he's breaking into his house to "eliminate" him. A confused Stinky asks Arnold why would Sid think that. Arnold asks Stinky about his cloak, the goat, and the coffin, all the while Sid attacks a "vampire", only to find out it's just a jacket on a mannequin. When Sid reaches Stinky to "strike", and sees Arnold right next to him. Arnold reassures Sid that what they saw was a big misunderstanding, but Sid is convinced that Stinky turned Arnold in a "blood guzzling phantom". Stinky is offended by the comment, Sid tells Stinky that he's wearing a cape. Arnold tells Sid that it's Stinky nightshirt. Stinky explains that all the Petersons wear them, the high collar protect their large(yet delicate) ears from the cold. Sid, still not convinced, and asks about the goat. Arnold explains that the goat is Stinky's taxonomy project. Stinky explains that he saw a loose thread and bit off with his teeth(not sucking the goat's blood). A stubborn Sid asks Stinky about the coffin, Arnold tells him it's not real(though he wants to confirm it with Stinky). Stinky tells Sid that the coffin is actually a tanning bed that his dad reconverted.

Despite the concrete evidence, Sid still thinks Stinky and now Arnold are vampires, and must be destroyed. Arnold and Stinky tells Sid to stop acting crazy. Sid tells them to stay away from him, backing next to a mirror. Arnold tells Sid that they'll stay away, if Sid looks over his shoulder and tell them what he sees in the mirror. Sid looks over his shoulder and tells them that he sees their reflections, Arnold asks Sid how can they be vampires if they have reflections. Sid suddenly remembers that vampires don't have reflections, meaning Arnold and Stinky are not vampires, something that Arnold has been telling Sid for the entire time. Sid confesses that he let his imagination get the better of him(something that Stinky confirms). Sid apologizes for accusing Arnold and Stinky to be vampires and must think he's a big dope. Arnold says "pretty much", but they forgive Sid nonetheless. As Arnold and Sid leaves Stinky house, Stinky is seen reading a book in his book. Suddenly, the same bat that Sid caught comes flying to Stinky. The episode ends with Stinky talking to to the bat about the crazy night he had. Stinks wonders where would Arnold and Sid would get an idea like that and starts laughing manically.

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