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Sheena is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Sheena is known for being "one of the geeks" (in these episodes, "Eugene's Bike", "Rhonda's Glasses" and "Cool Party"), although what she does to deserve this title is never really mentioned, except that she shows off her "scab in the shape of Texas" in "Eugene's Bike". Still, when the fourth-grade girls get together, nobody minds that Sheena's there, although with Helga and Phoebe being best friends, as well as Rhonda and Nadine, Sheena is the one left on her own. Not that much has been revealed about her, except that she has an aversion to violence (mentioned in "School Play") and she can play the cello ("School Dance").


Sheena's parents, as seen in "Parents Day".

Her parents appeared in "Parents Day", but little else is known about them. Her Aunt Shelley is the school nurse for P.S. 118. Her Uncle Earl is featured many times throughout the series as the boatman who will ferry people to and from Elk Island.

She has a crush on Eugene; they're always together a lot, and she's happy that Rhonda predicts (in "Married") that they'll be married someday.

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  • According to an interview with Lisa Bartlett, her high pitched voice was Francesca's normal voice but pitched higher. Something similar happened to Gerald during Season 4 and 5 (although it was not high pitched).
  • It's implied (but not confirmed) that Sheena is Jewish--for example, she immediately recognized the writing in Harold's prayer books are Hebrew when she other kids were confused by it.
    • If she's not Jewish, then she at least understands Hebrew.
  • Sheena's favorite color is pink and her favorite number is three.[1]