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The fifth and final season of Hey Arnold! consists of 32 quarter-hour episodes, 2 half-hour specials, and 1 hour-long special.

Even though it was released separately, the series' theatrical film is also considered part of this season as it was produced alongside most of it.


# Segment A Segment B U.S. air date Production code
81 Sid the Vampire Slayer Big Sis March 18, 2000 185A / Unknown
82 Gerald's Game Fishing Trip April 27, 2002 Unknown / 183A
83 Bag of Money Principal Simmons April 5, 2000 Unknown
84 New Bully on the Block Phoebe Breaks a Leg April 12, 2000 Unknown / 181A
85 Stuck in a Tree / The Helga Short Rhonda Goes Broke January 5, 2001 Unknown
86 Helga's Locket Sid and Germs April 19, 2000 Unknown
87 Beaned Old Iron Man January 12, 2001 Unknown
88 Ghost Bride Gerald vs. Jamie O November 11, 2003 186B / 189A
89 Suspended Ernie in Love April 26, 2000 185B / Unknown
90 Arnold Visits Arnie Chocolate Boy January 26, 2001 188B / 191A
91 Harold vs. Patty Rich Guy February 3, 2002 Unknown / 195A
92 The Racing Mule Curly's Girl January 11, 2004 (first segment)
October 11, 2002 (second segment)
93 On the Lam Family Man June 1, 2002 194B / 193A
94 Phoebe's Little Problem Grandpa's Packard June 8, 2004 193B / 194A
95 A Day in the Life of a Classroom Big Bob's Crisis November 15, 2003 Unknown
96 Married May 11, 2002 197
97 Timberly Loves Arnold Eugene, Eugene! January 28, 2003 Unknown
Film Hey Arnold! The Movie
(Arnold Saves the Neighborhood)
June 28, 2002 (theaters)
December 31, 2002 (home video)
98 April Fool's Day April 1, 2002 201
99 The Journal November 11, 2002 202
100 203


  • The last two episodes of the series, "April Fool's Day" and "The Journal", were produced in 2001, a year after the rest of the season and the movie. This is because episodes 98-100 were originally going to be the three half-hours of the TV movie Arnold Saves the Neighborhood; but when the TV movie was selected for a theatrical release under the title of Hey Arnold! The Movie, Nickelodeon ordered three more half-hours to fill in the gap in the production schedule, which were turned into these two episodes.
    • As a result of being produced separately at a later date, these two episodes share a few differences with the rest of the episodes of the season; namely featuring Alex D. Linz as the voice of Arnold, improved animation quality, and a slightly different production crew credited.
  • A few voice actors have been replaced.
  • Season 5 consists of 20 half-hours, but a total of 24 were aired in the US as part of the season. This is because three episodes from Season 4 (75, 77 and 80) and one episode from Season 3 (Parents Day) were held over for unknown reasons.
  • While in many other regions, such as Belgium, Canada, and Latin America, the season (and the series) finished airing in mid-to-late 2002, the U.S. broadcast was extremely erratic, taking a total of four years to air every episode.
    • Despite "The Journal" being the last episode in production and chronological order, it wasn't the last episode aired in the U.S. The remaining four holdover episodes took a year and a half to air.