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The second season of Hey Arnold! consists of 26 quarter-hour episodes and 1 half-hour special, making it the shortest season of the series.

This season features Phillip Van Dyke replacing Toran Caudell as Arnold's voice actor. (Although Caudell remained in the show, providing the voice of Wolfgang.) Another major change is that starting with this season, the overseas animation services were handled by Sae Rom Productions.


# Segment A Segment B U.S. air date Production code
27 The Big Scoop Harold's Kitty September 29, 1997 Unknown
28 Arnold Saves Sid Hookey October 13, 1997 Unknown
29 Save the Tree New Teacher September 22, 1997 139B / Unknown
30 Ransom Ms. Perfect October 8, 1997 Unknown / 130A
31 Monkey Business Big Caesar October 6, 1997 130B / Unknown
32 The High Life Best Friends October 22, 1997 Unknown
33 Longest Monday Eugene's Pet October 1, 1997 Unknown
34 Mudbowl Gerald Moves Out October 20, 1997 Unknown
35 Freeze Frame Phoebe Cheats October 15, 1997 Unknown
36 Helga's Love Potion Gerald's Secret September 24, 1997 Unknown
37 Steely Phil Quantity Time October 29, 1997 Unknown
38 Eating Contest Rhonda's Glasses November 3, 1997 138A / Unknown
39 Eugene Goes Bad What's Opera, Arnold? November 17, 1997 Unknown / 128A
40 Arnold's Halloween October 27, 1997 Unknown


  • Despite only having 14 half-hours produced for it, this season aired 19 half-hours. The remaining 5 half-hours were Season 1 episodes that weren't aired earlier for some unknown reason.
  • The episode "New Teacher" establishes that Miss Slovak has retired from teaching, but through deviations between production order and airing order, "Arnold Saves Sid" and several episodes held over from Season 1 were aired after that episode, creating continuity errors in the airing order.
  • The more detailed/refined animation style from the last few episodes of Season 1 became the default style from now on.
  • A few actors got replaced.
  • This season was ordered and began production before the series' first episode premiered on television.
    • Studios often do this with shows that they feel could be a potential hit, because if they don't order more episodes and keep the production crew employed, everyone will separate and find other jobs before the show makes it to the air. And if the show does end up being successful, the studio just lost their crew of hit-makers!
    • This also explains this season's short length. Like Hey Arnold!, Nickelodeon cartoons Harvey Beaks and The Loud House were initially picked up for a 26-episode first season, and later renewed for a 14-episode second season just before their premiere.