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The first season of the Hey Arnold! series consists of 48 quarter-hour episodes and 2 half-hour specials, making it the longest season of the series.

Episodes from this season are distinguishable from later episodes due to the differences in animation and the Games Animation card at the end of each episode.


# Segment A Segment B U.S. air date Production code
1 Downtown as Fruits Eugene's Bike October 7, 1996
2 The Little Pink Book Field Trip October 23, 1996 102B /
3 Arnold's Hat Stoop Kid October 30, 1996 103A /
4 Helga's Makeover The Old Building November 6, 1996
5 6th Grade Girls The Baseball October 16, 1996 / 107B
6 Heat Snow November 4, 1996 107A / 106B
7 Operation Ruthless The Vacant Lot October 14, 1996
8 The List Haunted Train October 9, 1996
9 Mugged Roughin' It November 11, 1996
10 Door #16 Arnold as Cupid November 13, 1996
11 Benchwarmer Cool Jerk October 21, 1996
12 Das Subway Wheezin' Ed November 18, 1996
13 Tutoring Torvald Gerald Comes Over October 28, 1996
14 Spelling Bee Pigeon Man November 20, 1996
15 Olga Comes Home Sally's Comet November 25, 1996 / 117A
16 Abner Come Home The Sewer King November 27, 1996
17 False Alarm World Records December 23, 1996
18 Magic Show 24 Hours to Live December 9, 1996 119B /
19 Part Time Friends Runaway Float November 30, 1998 118A /
20 Arnold's Christmas December 11, 1996 120
21 Helga's Boyfriend Crush on Teacher November 5, 1997
22 Hall Monitor Harold's Bar Mitzvah November 10, 1997 / 122B
23 Coach Wittenberg Four-Eyed Jack November 12, 1997
24 Tour de Pond Teachers' Strike November 24, 1997
25 Arnold's Valentine February 12, 1997 124
26 Biosquare Partners December 1, 1997


  • This season was animated by three different animation studios. The first 16 episodes were animated by Hong Ying Animation and Hung Long Animation, while the remaining 10 episodes were animated by Wang Film Productions. These last ten episodes look noticeably different from the previous sixteen.
  • This season looks noticeably different from later seasons in the art and animation departments. The animation itself is of somewhat lower quality, and many characters look much different and less detailed compared to later episodes. For example, Helga's pigtails are longer and thinner, Arnold's head looks like a blimp, and many characters have very thin arms. The designs were improved upon over the course of the season.
  • Several things seen in this season aren't present in later seasons, such as Arnold's daydreaming tendencies (which originated with the original claymation shorts), and several characters such as Lana Vail and Mr. Smith.
  • In the US, Nickelodeon aired only 20 out of the 26 episodes produced for this season as part of its run. Episodes 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26 were held over and aired at the end of Season 2 in late 1997, and episode 19 was held over until 1998, and was aired as part of Season 3. Other countries saw all 26 episodes aired.

Note about Episodes 19 and 26

  • There exists two versions of episodes 19 and 26. The versions that were aired and released in the U.S. have "Part Time Friends" paired with "Biosquare", and "Runaway Float" paired with "Partners". However, in the international versions, "Part Time Friends" is paired with "Runaway Float", and "Biosquare" is paired with "Partners".
    • In fact, most U.S. TV listings say Part Time Friends / Runaway Float and Biosquare / Partners, respectively. This, along with the less detailed animation in "Runaway Float" (which indicates it was produced earlier on), and differences in the end credits between versions, raises the possibility that these international versions are actually the originals, and the versions used for the U.S. broadcast are alternate, edited versions.