• On international broadcasts, this episode is paired with "Part Time Friends", but in the US, it was first aired along with "Partners".
  • In an interview, Jim Lang said that the music for this episode's marching band was exceptionally difficult to make. As he had to Mimic a Marching Band sound and destroy it
  • Phoebe, Brainy, Sid, and several other kids who were in the garage during the construction of the float do not appear during the actual parade. It's possible the float had no space for them.
  • According to Arnold, City Hall is sort of crooked.
  • Helga has an allowance.
  • Gerald watches a Wall Street show.
  • When Big Bob is going over his plans for funding the float, he mentions he could get free flowers from the mortuary. Macabre!
  • The flowers come from "Sid's Mortuary". However, this does not seem to have any relation to Sid.
  • Torvald's mother is one of the judges.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Arnold hugs Helga.
  • Sid is afraid of bees.
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