• Miss Slovak said the float's construction would cost three times the school's annual budget, but Big Bob manages to pay for the entire thing quite easily.
  • One part of Nadine's spider-like hair is missing when the kids stop working and showing her close-up, and it suddenly reappears when she starts to speak. In that same sequence, the collar of Rhonda's shirt is red instead of white for one frame.
  • The sign on the float says "Big Bob's Beeper's" on some shots.
  • The background changes to the school lockers when Arnold approaches Vermicelli.
  • Vermicelli says "This has got to go" and is heard taking parts of Arnold's float away. However, later it's shown the float is intact under the paper mache beeper.
  • Iggy's hair is black instead of brown when Arnold says to keep the float the same.
  • There is an error with Robert's hair and hands when everyone agrees to the new float.
  • When Big Bob walks away after yelling at Arnold and Helga, Joey has blond hair, an orange shirt, and white skin.
  • Mayor Dixie was wearing a white suit on her first appearance of the parade, and for the rest it is brown.
  • While the marching band passes, Arnold turns his head two times. After the second, his right eye remains visible in his hair.
  • When Arnold asks how they can control the top-heavy float, the "Let's Go Downtown" slogan is seen on the float. However, that sign is on the front of the float, not on the back.
  • After the float starts losing control because of the wind, Helga is wearing her normal clothes instead of the beeper costume for one brief shot.
  • Stinky has no head when he falls on Bob's remote control.
  • When Helga yells for Bob to stop the float, he and Vermicelli are not on the platform.
  • When Arnold rides the bicycle past the float, Nadine is shown with brown hair and Iggy's sweatshirt on top is yellow.
  • Right before Arnold jumps onto the float, Eugene's hair goes missing and then comes back.
    No hair Eugene
  • The "Let's Go Downtown" sign at the front of the float is solid orange when Arnold is jumping.
  • In several shots after Arnold gets on the float, the float's platform is light blue instead of orange.
  • As Arnold goes into the interior of the float and Big Bob asks where he went, the float's platform is not there, and he and Nick Vermicelli look like they're on the street (the median lines are visible beneath them).
    • The same error with the platform happens again right after Arnold stops the float.
  • In the credits, it says "Animatic Technican" instead of "Animatic Technician", and Jarrett Lennon's name is misspelled.
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