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"Runaway Float" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga gets Big Bob to fund Arnold's parade float, but Bob turns it into a giant advertisement, and endangers all of the other kids in the process.


Arnold comes up with a great design for the 4th grade float: he designs an amazing scale model of the city, but he runs out of money. To make his idea come true, Helga talks her dad into funding the project in exchange for a little advertising. However, after seeing the float, Big Bob is not pleased that it doesn't promote his business enough and Nick Vermicelli orders the entire thing covered up with a giant paper-mâché beeper: this disillusions Arnold deeply, and he abandons the project. Helga is 'convinced' to go along with the marketing plan despite her worry for Arnold by being assured a place on the float. As the parade begins, the float, being top heavy and lacking aerodynamics, careens out of control as it heads toward City Hall. Arnold catches up with the float and pulls the emergency brake, stopping it just in time. The rough trip rips apart the giant beeper, revealing Arnold's original design, which is then promptly given the award for best float.

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