Rhonda's Glasses

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"Rhonda's Glasses" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Rhonda finds out what unpopular kid life is like when she is forced to wear a pair of ugly glasses.


Rhonda Wellington Lloyd is one of the "cool" kids in school. That is why she is sitting in front in the bus and the geeks have to sit in the back. It is an unwritten rule which everyone respects although the geeks are not happy about it at all. Eugene Horowitz, for example is getting sick in the last row all the time, so that he has to throw up almost every morning. However, it looks like that rule is going to change now: Sheena's aunt Shelley who works as nurse at P.S. 118 notices that Rhonda is short sighted and thus needs glasses. Rhonda is devastated. Even her mother, who is looking for glasses with her at Suber's, is shocked.

When she takes the school bus the next day, the other students laugh at her. Even worse: she has to sit in the last row from now on. Although Eugene, Sheena and the others welcome her with open arms and try to cheer her up, Rhonda is desperate. She pretends to be sick so that she doesn't have to go to class. Eventually Nurse Shelley sends her back to class, where Helga makes fun of her because Rhonda has gum on her shirt and toilet paper on her shoe — which Rhonda didn't notice because of her short-sightedness. She is so annoyed that she stalks away — and crashes into the door; now she also has to wear a patch on her nose. As if that were still not bad enough, Rhonda breaks her glasses. Eugene helps her out and repairs her glasses with adhesive tape. At lunch Rhonda asks her new friends why they have to sit at the old-timey, dirty, damaged table.

Sheena and Eugene explain to her that the good ones are always taken by cooler kids. Later, when the geeky kids want to play Four Square during the break and Brainy is given a flat ball, Rhonda is outraged. Eugene explains to her that they are allowed to keep the ball only because it is flat. In that moment a group of other kids takes over the place which Curly had been reserving for them. Now Rhonda has enough: She is about to start a revolution because the freaks and geeks have feelings too!

When Rhonda enters the bus the next time, she refuses to sit in the last row. The nerds and geeks are impressed. Eugene refuses to go to the back of the bus as well. The mean popular sixth grade girl from before tries to make the dorks sit in the back but fortunately, that didn't work.

Now then, the rule of the last row is broken and everyone can sit whenever seat they want.

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