Ransom is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Gerald and Arnold get on the case when Timberly's doll goes missing.


Timberly wants to join Gerald and the other boys who are playing a detective game. However, Gerald doesn't let her because he thinks that she is still too young for a game like that. Timberly becomes sad and leaves the room.

A moment later, she cries for help. When Arnold and Gerald get to her they learn that Timberly's stuffed alligator Wally has been stolen. Apparently someone took him from the window sill. Arnold and Gerald don't believe her and says that Timberly must have misplaced Wally.

The next day Timberly receives a letter which seems to have been sent to her by the kidnapper. He wants $20 in small candy in exchange for Wally. After Arnold and Gerald have read it, they decide to help her. At first the three of them search for traces. Timberly discovers a candy wrapper beneath the window. That trace leads the three detectives to Chocolate Boy.

After they have cornered him, he tells them (after some bribe chocolate candies) that he had been at the crime scene at four o'clock the day before and that Harold has been there, too. So the kids set out on finding Harold.

The group confront Harold and in his backpack they do find a Wally toy. However, the Wally doll is not Timberly's due to one of the eyes being chewed off. Harold gives them another clue, though: he had seen Curly at the crime scene, being angry that the Jolly Olly Man didn't have his favorite sort of ice cream. Harold leaves, threatening the boys he'll "knock their teeth out" if he is referred to as slim again. So the boys and Timberly then leave to interrogate Curly.

At first, Curly doesn't want to say where he had been the day before at four o'clock, but then he confesses that he was at Madame Bovary's School for Boys. The boys are clueless and don't know what to do.

The next day the two of them hide close to the tree where they are supposed to leave the ransom. And then comes the kidnapper but surprisingly it turns out that it was Timberly herself who kidnapped Wally in order to be allowed to play detective with the boys.

Eventually Gerald promises that the next time the boys are meeting for another game Timberly may be on his team.

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