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  • Rex Smythe-Higgins III attends the class with Rhonda and Big Patty. For his item of personal value, he shows his dog, Peppy.
  • The Lloyds typically enrolled at the Polishing School when they’re in the 6th grade.
  • It appears that Big Patty's mother and father have dwarfism because they are much shorter than their daughter.
  • When Patty is teaching Rhonda proper etiquette in her bedroom, a picture of Harold in a pink heart-shaped frame can be seen on Patty's dresser. This indicates that Patty has a crush on Harold. The heart-shaped frame is just like Helga’s gold heart-shaped locket with a picture of Arnold.
  • This is one of a few episodes where Arnold got only one line an episode.
  • In this episode, it is shown that Arnold walks Abner like a dog.
  • This is the first on-screen appearance of Rhonda's father Buckley.
  • It is revealed that Patty volunteers her time at homeless shelters.