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The Pilot Episode of Hey Arnold!, simply called Arnold, is a rare pilot that was made in 1994 and originally released on July 1, 1995, where it was shown in theatres after the movie, Harriet The Spy. It was released on VHS in 1996.


Arnold hits Harold with a baseball. Helga tells Harold what Arnold did and Harold promises to beat Arnold up the next day. While he is sleeping, Arnold has a dream where he acts crazy and scared the bullies away. During the actual fight, he acts foolish while singing a song about being crazy. His dance number impresses Harold, who invites him to join their club and avoids getting beaten up.

Helga complains that people paid to see a fight so Harold gets two other boys to fight instead. The pilot ends with Helga shaking her head and calling boys dumb.



Arnold - Official Unaired Pilot Episode

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