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"Partners" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


The 50s music icons Dino Spumoni and Don Reynolds get into an argument, and break up their partnership. Both men move back to Sunset Arms, where they started, to find inspiration and write individual songs. However, Don's new song has meaningful lyrics but a lifeless melody, and Dino's new song has an upbeat melody, but meaningless lyrics. While the two initially shrug off the shortcomings of their solo songs, they both ultimately come to accept that their solo songs are no good, and regret breaking up their partnership. However, they are both too arrogant to apologize to the other. Meanwhile Arnold and Gerald have their own argument when they can't come up with an act for the upcoming talent show. Eventually they make up, and realize that Dino's strong melody would fit with Don's touching lyrics, and they put them together and perform the song, at the talent show, crediting Dino and Don with writing it. Dino and Don are both invited to the talent show, and grudgingly have to sit together. However, upon hearing the song, and recognizing their music and lyrics, and how they fit together well, the two are convinced to apologize to one another, and resume their partnership.


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