Part Time Friends is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Arnold is okay with working with Gerald at Mrs. Vitello's flower shop, but not with working for Gerald, which causes the friendship to hit a snag.


In need of money, Arnold and Gerald get a job at Mrs. Vitello's flower shop. When Mrs. Vitello is injured, she leaves Gerald in charge, and the boys' friendship is put to the test, as Gerald bosses Arnold around, without helping him out. Eventually, Arnold becomes fed up, and quits, and the two vow never to speak to each other again. That night Grandpa Phil learns about Arnold and Gerald, and tells Arnold a story about how when he was younger, he and his childhood best friend Jimmy Kafka broke up their friendship over a similar argument, and to this day, they never made up. Later, Arnold has a nightmare about how he meets Gerald 70 years later, and the two are still not talking to each other, only now they don't even remember what it was they fought about. Then they are taunted by an undead Grandpa Phil. Arnold wakes up in horror, realizing that he must make amends. He finds Gerald at the shop, struggling to keep up with the customers' demands, and they put their argument aside to work together to get through the demand.

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