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  • Phoebe's name is misspelled in the "Phoebe's Family" sign after the sack race.
  • At the park, the camera strap was in front of Miles, but when he picks Arnold up, it's around his arm.
  • The camera turns from black to brown after putting Arnold down, and then it's black again.
  • In the scene where Arnold's parents leave for the last time, Grandma's hair is dark at first, then it becomes purplish-gray.
  • Patty and her parents are in the crowd when Grandma almost falls off the wall, but the tournament is limited to fourth graders.
  • Arnold and Helga's families are the only ones to participate in the final round of the competition, despite Phoebe's becoming the overall winners.
    • The final round was not safe. For example, there were no cushions on the ground in case Grandma or Helga's mom would fall down.
  • Ben Diskin isn't credited for voicing Eugene.