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"Old Iron Man" is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Grandpa and Jimmy Kafka, his rival since their school days, compete in the Old Iron Man triathlon to prove who's the best.


The show starts out with Arnold questioning Grandpa as to why he is in a bad mood. Grandpa is angry about his rival, and best friend, who is returning. Despite his insistence that he hates Jimmy, he gives him a warm welcome when Jimmy arrives at the boarding house.

Jimmy and Grandpa are incredibly competitive with each other and despite being best friends, they quickly get into an argument about whether or not Jimmy cheated in their previous contests and who is the best. As they try to figure out a way to determine who the best is, a commercial comes on advertising the Old Iron Man triathlon.

Arnold tries to convince Grandpa and Jimmy that the competition is unnecessarily dangerous. Arnold cannot manage to convince them to give it up despite both getting injured in their training sessions. Both are too stubborn to not compete despite both expressing misgivings about the competition.

At the competition, Jimmy and Grandpa spend the entire race sabotaging each other and calling each other names. As they begin the swimming third of the competition, they both stop when Phil's legs and Jimmy's arms begin to lose feeling. The ensuing argument quickly degrades into a drowning competition.

Eventually both realize how stupid they are being and decide to work together to finish the race. Phil punches a shark in the nose after Jimmy tells him it is a weakness. Jimmy climbs on Phil's back and together with Phil stroking and Jimmy kicking, they finish the race, dead last after everyone else has gone home.

Arnold is relieved that they made it back. They promise him that they won't fight ever again as they are best friends. Grandpa whispers to Arnold that technically he won because he was in the front with Jimmy overhearing and retaliating exclaiming that his feet touched ground first. It escalates into an argument and Arnold walks away.

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