All songs from Hey Arnold!.


Episode Song Sung by OGG file
Downtown as Fruits Meats Harold and Eugene
Downtown as Fruits Fruits Arnold and Gerald
The Old Building Smashed Dino Spumoni Listen
Das Subway Here on the Subway The people on the subway
The List Look Up Grandma Listen
Haunted Train Haunted Train Blues Gerald Listen
Haunted Train The Haunted Train The Mad Engineer Listen
Arnold's Christmas Jingle Bells Helga's Family
Partners Better Not Touch My Gal Dino Spumoni or Grandpa and Grandma Listen
Dino Checks Out Better Not Touch My Chick Dino Spumoni
Partners I'm Nuttin' Without You Arnold
Ransom Wally Loves You Wally (alligator)
Quantity Time We're Rats Rats
Quantity Time We're Rats, Part 2 Rats
What's Opera, Arnold? I'm a Big Ugly Clown Harold
What's Opera, Arnold? Ruth McCarmen Ruth Listen
What's Opera, Arnold? Don Arnold Arnold
What's Opera, Arnold? Brun Helga Helga Listen
What's Opera, Arnold? Carm Helga Helga Listen
What's Opera, Arnold? Curly's Bullfights Curly & The Chorus Girls Listen
What's Opera, Arnold? Carmen Rap Fourth-graders
Mr. Hyunh Goes Country The Simple Things Mr. Hyunh Listen
Pre-Teen Scream I Saw Your Face and Wow! Ronnie Matthews Listen
Road Trip We Got Tomorrow Kate Miner
School Dance My Last Bow Dino Spumoni Listen
School Dance Back in the Swing Dino Spumoni
Chocolate Turtles Pop Daddy Pop Daddy
Friday the 13th The Evil Hex Arnold and Gerald
Dino Checks Out Don't Count Me Out Dino Spumoni Listen
Stuck in a Tree Never Let Go of Hope Eugene, Arnold, Harold
Fishing Trip Miss Suzie Had a Tugboat Davy Jones
Big Sis Moonlight Bay Lila and Olga
Principal Simmons I Will Prevail Principal Wartz
Principal Simmons I Will Prevail, Part 2 Principal Wartz and Mr. Simmons
Eugene, Eugene! Lila's audition Lila
Eugene, Eugene! Eugene, Eugene! Chorus
Eugene, Eugene! When Life Gives You Lemons Chorus Listen
Eugene, Eugene! Nice Guys Finish Last Arnold
Eugene, Eugene! Keep Your Sunny Side Up Eugene Listen


Episode(s) Song OGG file
Parents Day Parents Day End Credits
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