Mr. Sawyer (or Lila's Dad) is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


The father of Lila, he moved to Hillwood along with Lila from the country in search of employment. When they first moved, they lived in a shabby apartment in the Low Rent District. Since Mr. Sawyer didn't have a job yet, they lived on beans and "canned meat substitute". Eventually, Mr. Sawyer secured employment, and later in the series Lila and himself moved into a better house.

Moving Away Theory

Why Mr. Sawyer moved was never mentioned, but since Lila said they were originally from a farm community, and Lila's mother is nowhere to be seen, fans have concluded that Lila's mother passed away and Lila and her father couldn't manage their farm alone. During an interview with Craig Bartlett on The Arun Mehta Show, this theory gained credence after Craig revealed that he believed Lila's mom had died.[1]

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  1. The Arun Mehta Show Special with Craig Bartlett

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