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Mr. Leichliter (no first name mentioned) is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is a theater critic and stage director. He once had a relationship with a woman named Betty, but she left him for another man, and left him cold and embittered. He has a history with Robert Simmons, having harshly judged his 3rd-grade production of Long Day's Journey Into Night, and was heartily anticipating giving his 4th-grade production of Romeo and Juliet a scathing review, but was taken aback and impressed when he finally saw it. He attended a car show, and was a suspect in the theft of Grandpa Phil's Packard. He had an alibi, however, and was dismissed.

He later directed a production of Eugene, Eugene!, performed by the same class of children. But he rewrote the ending, and the star, Eugene (playing the titular main character, with whom he shares a name), wouldn't stand for it, and on the night of the play, acted out the original ending, along with the other students. It was at this time that Betty appeared, and they happily reconciled. 


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