Monkeyman is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He's the superhero of Hillwood. According to Mr. Green he's a "mystery wrapped in an enigma".

Monkeyman made his first appearance in the very first episode ("Downtown as Fruits") and made several cameos throughout the series, but nearly nothing was known about him until the episode "Monkeyman!". In this episode he is voiced by Andy Dick, who has a somewhat similar appearance with the character.

Monkeyman's superhero "creedo" (as he spells it) is to:

  1. Protect the weak and downtrodden;
  2. Serve for the good of all;
  3. Be kind to all creatures.

One of Monkeyman's characteristics is that he inadvertently inserts the word "monkeyman" into his sentences. It would probably fall within the realm of a phonic tic disorder (which includes Tourette's syndrome and chronic tic disorder).

Monkeyman doesn't actually live in his "fortress of solitude". He lives with his aunt and uncle.

Monkeyman is the hero of the Legend of Monkeyman, one of the urban legends of Hillwood.

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