Miss Slovak is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


She was Arnold's fourth grade teacher in the first season of the series. At the beginning of the second season, she's ultimately replaced by Robert Simmons—according to Principal Wartz, Miss Slovak quit teaching to pursue a career as a professional golfer.

In her first two speaking appearances, she had brown hair and wasn't seen wearing glasses (these were episodes animated by Hong Ying Animation), however she suddenly switched to gray hair and started wearing glasses afterwards (as in the episodes animated by Wang Film Productions).

Besides teaching Arnold, she also gave class years ago to Olga Pataki and a boy named Vincent (better known as the Pigeon Man).


  • Due to deviations from production order, several of the episodes where she makes appearances were aired after "New Teacher," creating continuity errors in the airing order.
  • According to Craig Bartlett, the reason why she was replaced with Mr. Simmons was that "She was too much of a caricature. That seemed a little bit too simple - it wasn't smart enough. What if we put, instead, a great teacher who really cares about the students and is just full of passion?".

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