Johanssen and Goose in Vietnam

Lt.-Major Goose and Martin Johanssen in Vietnam.

Lieutenant Major Goose is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


He served in the U.S. Army as a drill sergeant in the Vietnam War in the episode "Veterans Day."

It is unclear whether he retired from the army, or is still in service, but either way he spends some of his time as an elementary school teacher, a substitute at best. In the episode "New Teacher," Goose was hired by Principal Wartz to replace Mr. Simmons because of the class's discipline problem. He apparently uses skills from the army as teaching techniques, such as treating the class as "one unit", or techniques akin to a strict father (such as making students stand in a corner).

When Curly drops a pencil as an attempt to play a prank, Goose tells him to stand in the corner. Subsequently, Helga and Harold get sent to the corner for laughing. Stinky is then told to move to the remaining corner only because of symmetry (When Curly, Helga and Harold stood up, there were empty seats in an L-shape. When Stinky moved it was a complete square.)

The kids realize that Mr. Simmons was a much better, kinder teacher, and plot against Goose to get him back. The next day all of the kids bombard Goose with random questions, leading to his breakdown. Goose quits and Mr. Simmons becomes the class teacher again.

There is an interesting conflict when it comes to Goose's age. He looks like he would be about mid 40's when he teaches the class. However in the episode "Veteran's Day," Goose is shown to be the same age (voiced by a different actor this time around) when he served in the Vietnam War. When Goose taught the class he should have been at least 70 or 80.


  • "You will all act as one unit. Unless I address you by name..(Slams hands on desk) IS THAT CLEAR!"
  • "Who deployed that pencil, that was a calculated act. (Looks at Curly) Since the foreign object is under your desk, I assume you are the enemy!"
  • Goose: "You the remaining corner. NOW!" Stinky: "Why?" Goose: "Symmetry."


  • The rank "Lieutenant Major" does not exist in any branch of the U.S. Military nor any other military corporation around the world.
  • His strict, military attitude is similar to that of Sgt. Hartman from the 1987 war film, Full Metal Jacket.

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