The Legend of Wheezin' Ed is one of the urban legends told by Gerald:

"In the time of Prohibition, on the island they call Elk, there lived a gangster, so ruthless, that his name inspired terror all up and down the Skookumchuck River.
They called him... Wheezin' Ed.
Ed got his name from the wheezy noise he made just before he came up behind you and wrung your neck.
Some say, he wheezed because he suffered from chronic head colds.
Some say that the wheezing was caused by a chicken bone lodged in his throat.
Some say... he was just faking it.
One thing's for sure; he buried his huge treasure, in the damp dirt of those caves. No one has ever found it, though countless souls have tried and succumbed to some awful end, too hideous to be spoken of. For to find the huge treasure... one must descend... into the haunted caves of... Wheezin' Ed." THE END


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