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The Legend of Stoop Kid is one of the urban legends told by Gerald after being introduced by Sid.


The story of Stoop Kid is a legend passed down from grade to grade, for over six years. And our own Gerald is the keeper of the tale. Go ahead, Gerald. Tell it.


The Legend of Stoop Kid.
In the beginning, like so many of us, Stoop Kid was just a baby... a baby left mysteriously on the stoop of that very building.
Some say he was abandoned there.
Others say he was dropped there from the sky by aliens.
Still others say that he grew from a seed lodged between the cracks of the sidewalk.
Whatever the reason, lo and behold, tiny stoop kid was left to raise himself on the stoop which he was fated to call his home.
As he grew, he came to know and love his stoop as his only family.
But, there's a dark side.
Embittered by the love and normal boyhood that were stolen from him, Stoop Kid became meaner and meaner by the day. He began to lash out at the world around him, taking out upon them, the anger of a young, loveless child.
He became so protective of it, that whom so ever looked at it, would face the wrath of the Stoop Kid.
His accusatory barbs and yeah, even physical violence. THE END