Legend of Monkeyman


The legend of Monkeyman was told by Gerald in the episode "Monkeyman!". Notably, this is the only urban legend told in rhyme.


How many times have we awakened to the frightful cry —
How many times have we seen him with the corner of our eye
Never stopping, always speeding by
A flash of his cape, down the alleys he streaks
Scampering up fire escapes like a freaked-out chimpanzee
Some say he's a force for good
A twisted urban Robin Hood
Defending the weak and downtrodden
Some say he's a force for bad
A tricky and conniving cad
Forlorn and just plain rotten
Still others say he's some guy in pajamas
Living on stolen bananas
Who knows? No one's ever talked to him
But if you find yourself in the heart of downtown
Keep looking around
Because you just might run into him...
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