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Joseph "Joe" Purdy (born March 13, 1972) is one of the main writers for Hey Arnold!. He voiced a character based on himself, Mr. Purdy.


In episodes 5, 9, and 11 to 26, Purdy is credited as Story Editor. In the rest of the episodes of the original series, as well as Hey Arnold! The Movie, he's credited as Co-Producer.

# Episode Credits
14b Pigeon Man Writer
15b Sally's Comet Writer
19a Part Time Friends Writer
21b Crush on Teacher Writer
22b Harold's Bar Mitzvah Writer
24b Teachers' Strike Writer
27a The Big Scoop Writer
29 Save the Tree / New Teacher Writer
35a Freeze Frame Writer
38a Eating Contest Writer
40 Arnold's Halloween Writer, Story
42 Curly Snaps / Pre-Teen Scream Writer
44b Rich Kid Writer
45b Harold the Butcher Writer
47b Mr. Hyunh Goes Country Writer
48a Arnold's Room Writer
50a. Casa Paradiso Writer
51a Phoebe Takes the Fall Writer
53b Roller Coaster Writer
55b Grand Prix Writer
56 Arnold's Thanksgiving Writer, Story
61b Stinky's Pumpkin Writer
64a Big Gino Writer
65b Oskar Can't Read? Writer
66a Headless Cabbie Writer
67a Helga's Parrot Story
70b Grudge Match Writer
74b Fighting Families Writer
76b Synchronized Swimming Writer
77b Mr. Green Runs Writer
80 Summer Love Writer
82 Gerald's Game / Fishing Trip Writer
83b Principal Simmons Writer, Story, Special Thanks (as "Joe")
85a Stuck in a Tree Writer
86a Helga's Locket Writer
90b Chocolate Boy Writer, Story
91b Rich Guy Writer
92 The Racing Mule / Curly's Girl Writer (both), Story ("Curly's Girl")
94b Grandpa's Packard Writer
95 A Day in the Life of a Classroom / Big Bob's Crisis Writer
98 April Fool's Day Writer
99-100 The Journal Writer
Film Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie Writer