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Jamie O Johanssen is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Jamie O is Gerald and Timberly's older brother; his age isn't mentioned, but he's old enough to drive a car which means that he's in high school. Whatever school he's in, he's on the wrestling team ("Gerald Moves Out").

He is allergic to flowers ("Jamie O in Love"), and he drives a blue Pontiac Trans Am with white racing strips that he is often seen working on. He's shown to be into weightlifting and is very serious about his diet, at one point eating nothing but protein bars and raw meat. He bullies Gerald and is seen taking his stuff, such as when Gerald had a crush on Chloe. He acts immaturely, always taking Gerald's food and gives him noogies.

However, he does care about Gerald. When he discovers that Chloe is only using Gerald to get to him, he gets very upset and attempts to tell Gerald about it ("Gerald vs. Jamie O"). During "Jamie O in Love", Gerald tries to warn him about his girlfriend but Jamie O didn't believe it until he heard it for himself. He then treated his brother better since he was trying to help him, but he went back to picking on him.


  • Cherice’s cashmere sock!
  • Cherice! (sobbing) She told me she’d kill me if I wrecked this sock.
  • What are you talking about? You're in Junior High.
  • (To his brother about Chloe) But I'm telling you the truth.

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  • In his first two appearances, he was voiced by an actual teenager (Ben Aaron Hoag) before being replaced by an adult (Phil LaMarr).
  • Despite always picking on his younger brother, Jamie O cares about Gerald very much as evidenced when he tries to warn Gerald that his crush Chloe doesn’t really like him like him.
  • Jamie O drives a blue muscle car with white racing stripes, which strongly resembles a 1970 Pontiac Firebird.
  • Jamie O is allergic to flowers.


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