"Coach" Jack Wittenberg is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV series.




He has been Arnold's basketball, bowling and synchronized swimming coach; who speaks in consistent malapropisms. His coaching skills are limited at best, and constantly requires the help of the team he is coaching (often from Arnold). He is the husband of Tish and the father of Tucker.

He's obsessed with winning to the point that it blinds him from ways to get the best out of his team players until Arnold gives him advice about how to relate to the team and show their potential. His obsession almost derailed his remarriage to Tish when she overheard him being unable to decide whether winning or she was more important to him which broke her heart. After going through numerous competitions, Arnold helped him realize Tish was more important so he threw the game of air hockey and they got remarried (however Tish was suspicious that he threw the game and demanded a rematch after their wedding).

He also struggles to pronounce certain words, phrases and people's names. for example, Coach Wittenberg always refers to Arnold as "Arnie" (not referring to Arnold's cousin) and psychology as psycho-chology. Additionally, both he and Tish tend to overuse the word "repetitively."


  • He has made a major appearance in every season, except Season 5.
  • He is often musically represented by a synthesized tuba accompanied by a slightly out-of-tune brass band.

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