Make lots of friends in prison!

Hope you boys like... being-blocked-food, 'cause you'll be getting a lot of it.

This is a list of rules and guidelines regarding conduct on Hey Arnold! Wiki. For help with editing, see the Editor's Manual. If you violate any of these rules, you will first be sent a warning, and if behavior continues, or you go on to harass an admin, you will receive the corresponding block, though you are free to plead your case if you feel your position is defensible.


Privacy is very important. Never share your personal information, and please alert an administrator if anyone prompts you to share yours. Violation of this rule, in most cases, will result in a one month block, though there may be special circumstances. Subsequent violation will result in a year-long block.

Language & Mature Content

Seeing as Hey Arnold! is children's entertainment, and attracts young fans, the rules regarding language are relatively strict. No curse words are permitted beyond that which is heard in the series and related media (crap, bugger, bollocks, etc.). Any comments or messages containing expletives will be censored, or removed entirely if deemed necessary by the acting administrator, and the submitter should receive a message from an administrator warning them not to repeat such actions. Repeat offenders will be blocked for a week (though they may be blocked longer depending on the circumstances; read more under "Behavior"), and much longer if they continue after.

Any posting of mature content (featuring nudity or graphic violence) will result in an immediate week-long block, and any further behavior of that nature will result in a year-long block.


Civility and communication are crucial for any community. Politeness should be maintained as much as possible (though not to the point of gentrification).To use a familiar saying, treat others the way you would like to be treated. On top of using course language, harassment or bullying will not be tolerated. Violation of these principles may result in a block, depending on the severity of one's actions. Repeat offense will, however, incur a week long block, and subsequent violation will be punished by a year-long block. Spam is also not permitted, whether in the comments or on another user's message wall. If you have been the target of bullying of harassment, or have witnessed this happening to another user, please notify an admin. We appreciate any efforts to keep peace, but when the situation does not concern you, it may be best to leave it to an admin.