Opening Credits

Executive Producer

Based on the Series "Hey Arnold!" Created by

  • Craig Bartlett

Supervising Producer

Written by

  • Craig Bartlett
  • Joe Purdy
  • Laura Sreebny
  • Justin Charlebois


Art Director


  • Lizbeth Velasco

Music by

Directed by

  • Raymie Muzquiz

Closing Credits

Created by

  • Craig Bartlett

Storyboard Artists

Production Manager

  • Jessica Dalton-Claffey

Production Coordinator

  • Dan Koskie

Script Coordinator

  • Christie Insley

Production Assistant

  • Chelsea Jauregui
  • Kevin Lam

Story Consultants

Animatic Editors

  • Eric Petraitis
  • Zach Smythe


Arnold Mason Vale Cotton
Gerald Benjamin "Lil' P-Nut" Flores, Jr.
Helga Francesca Marie Smith
Miles / Monkeyman / Abner / Brainy
Couch Guard (uncredited)
Craig Bartlett
Stella Antoinette Stella
Grandpa Dan Castellaneta
Grandma / Homeless Woman Tress MacNeille
Big Bob / Homeless Man #1 / Flunky Guard Maurice LaMarche
Stinky Jet Jurgensmeyer
Eduardo Carlos Alazraqui
Big Patty Danielle Judovits
Eugene Gavin Lewis
Nadine Laya Hayes
Oskar / Mr. Hyunh / Homeless Man #2 Wally Wingert
Sid Aiden Lewandowski
Phoebe / Newswoman Anndi McAfee
Mr. Simmons Dan Butler
Rhonda Olivia Hack
Harold Justin Shenkarow
Curly Nicolas Cantu
Coach Wittenberg James Belushi
Olga Nika Futterman
Stoop Kid Danny Cooksey
Ernie Dom Irrera
Miriam Kath E. Soucie
Pigeon Man Stephen Stanton
Lasombra Alfred Molina
Che / Pirate #1 / Guard #1 / Crewman Lane Toran
Paulo / Pirate #2 / Guard #2 Jamil Walker Smith
Dino Spumoni Rick Corso
Girl Queen Hope Levy

Voice Director

  • Craig Bartlett

Additional Voice Direction

  • Raymie Muzquiz


  • Gene Vassilaros, C.S.A.
  • Shiondre Austin, C.S.A.

Casting Coordinator

  • Roxanne Escatel

Original Series Casting by

Character Designers

Background Designers

  • Randon Eagles
  • Jonathan Renoni

Background Intern

  • Daniella Rosu-Ortiz

Background Painters

Prop Designer

  • Tyler William Gentry

Color Stylist

Effects Designer

  • Joseph Mildenburger

Supervising Sheet Timer

  • Donald A. Judge

Sheet Timers

Animation Checker

  • Kathy Gilmore

Director of Audio Production/Recording Engineer

  • Justin Brinsfield

Recording Engineer

  • Matt Corey

2nd Recording Engineer

  • Manny Grijalva

Dialogue Editor

  • Jonathan Hylander

Animation Production Services

Animation Producer

  • Youngmee Kim


  • Jun-Su Lee
  • Ki-Chul Choi
  • Gang-Tae Lee
  • Hoo-Yoon Kim


  • Heung-Ik Jun
  • Gwi-Nam Shi
  • Hyo-Sook Yoon
  • Mi-Hyeon Lee
  • Jong-Seek Hyun
  • Jeom-Hwa Kim
  • Won-Jun Jo
  • Yong-Hoo Kim
  • Hae-Won Park
  • Hong-Gwon Yoon


  • Byong-Wook Gwak
  • Mi-Jah Choi


  • Chul-Kee Kwon
  • Bong-Hee Han
  • Chul-Hee Han
  • Jong-Chul Baek
  • Ji-Won Joo
  • Geon-Hwa Kim
  • Tae-Wook Yoon
  • Yong-Seop Jung
  • Min-Young Song
  • Jong-Hwa Lee
  • Yo-Han Han
  • Tae-Soon Kim
  • In-Seol Hwang
  • Young-Jin Heo
  • Choo-Jah Kim
  • Eun-Mee Lee
  • Geun-Seek Song
  • Jae-Soo Lee

Animation Checking

  • Yoon-Seen Park


  • Nyong-Jah Kim
  • Byong-Hoon Park
  • Sung-Kee Jung
  • Eun-Jo Park
  • Hae-Kyung Sun

Inbetweens Checking

  • Tae-Soo Park
  • Mi-Young Park
  • Bong-Soo Eun
  • Chul-Jong Choi


  • In-Sook Jung
  • Young-Mee Jo
  • Eun-Sung Park
  • Kyong-Sook Kim
  • Sun-Ae Park
  • Mi-Young Lee
  • Hee-Young Kim


  • Chang-Taek Jung
  • Hye-Sun Kim
  • Ok-Seon Lee


  • Wong-Hee Kang
  • Mi-Rye Bang
  • Hyo-Hee Lee
  • Eui-Young Jung
  • Mi-Kyong Moon
  • Nana Shin
  • Su-Yeong Yim
  • Yeon-Sook Jo
  • Mi-Young Moon
  • Kyoung-Min Yang
  • Mi-Kyong Ji
  • Yeon-Sook Hong


  • Mi-Jah Eun
  • Eun-Hee Lee


  • Dong-Kyun Kim


  • Il-Seok Shin
  • Yeon-Seon Yu


  • Dong-Gwan Kim

Director of Post Production

  • Oliver Pearce

Post Production Supervisor

  • Molly Minus

Supervising Picture Editor

  • Chris Hink

Assistant Picture Editor

  • Rick Dominicus

Nick Digital CG Animation Directors

  • Christian Evans
  • Pablo Smith

Digital Animators

  • Tyler Mele
  • Ilana Schwartz
  • Jessica Von Medicus
  • Andrea Yomtob

Production Manager for Nick Digital

  • Jennifer Gay

Track Reading Services

  • Slightly Off Track, Inc.

Production Interns

  • Evan Eley
  • Peter Egan
  • Luke Diehl

For Dialogue Recorded at Salami Studios

  • Jonathan Abelardo
  • Thomas Maydeck
  • Mark Mercado
  • Nico Garofolo

Assistant Dialogue Mixers

  • Sean Jacobson
  • Samuel Porcaro

Post Production Sound Services Provided by

  • Sabre Media Studios / Hacienda Post

Post Sound Supervisor & Re-recording Mixer

  • Timothy J. Borquez

Re-recording Mixer

  • Nick Gotten

Foley Crew

  • Diane Greco
  • Bobby Crew

Post Production Telecine Services

  • Roundabout Entertainment, Inc.

Telecine Colorist

  • Dan Hermelin

Digital Intermediate Producer

  • Crystal Angel

Vice President, Animation Technology

  • Eric Swanborg

Digital Operations

  • Kimberly Madore
  • Mardine J. Pouryousef
  • Chris Spears

Machine Room

  • C.J. Kinyon
  • Gregory Mitchell

Archive and Resource Library

  • Anna Martino, Sr. Manager
  • Ryan McFadden, Collections and Outreach Coordinator
  • Jean Paul Fernandez
  • Michael Pazmino
  • Kevin Iwaki

In Loving Memory

Steve Viksten Writer / Oskar
Vincent Schiavelli Pigeon Man
Kevin Iwaki Archives Coordinator

Thank you to all the fans who wrote letters and signed petitions encouraging the making of this movie.

Senior Vice President of Production

  • David J. Steinberg

Vice President of Animation Production

  • Andrew Huebner

Senior Vice President of Original Movies

  • Michael Sammaciccia

Executive in Charge for Production

  • Stephanie Bang
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