Helga's Love Potion is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga drinks a potion to lose all feelings for Arnold.


Helga gets tired of her love for Arnold making her feel mad and mixed up all the time. After considering it, she goes in to a "gypsie's" store, asking her for a potion that will make her fall out of love. Out of her sight, the gypsy pours some grape juice into a heart-shaped bottle, instructing her to drink it before bed. That night, Helga delivers a last speech about her love for Arnold, after which she drinks the potion. She falls asleep and has a dream in which she runs across a dark space filled with little multicolored hearts that flock around her, eventually leading her to an enlarged version of her locket (in which she keeps a picture of Arnold): as she races towards it, the path fails and she falls. Upon waking, Helga feels unusually bland.

She attends school, where her unusually subdued behavior calls a lot of attention. She moves quietly about the day, not responding to any aggression. When asked to read a piece of her writing, which Mr. Simmons seemed eager to hear, Helga comes up with a boring recount of her morning, a far cry for her usually impassioned writings. She runs into Arnold in the halls: this would have usually prompted an angry outburst at how much the collision was Arnold's fault entirely, so much that he is reasonably surprised when Helga merely gets herself up and tells him she simply wasn't paying attention. He asks why she hasn't martyrized him lately, to which she briefly states that she doesn't feel like it. After Arnold leaves, Brainy pops up behind Helga, expecting her to hit him between the eyes as she always does: when she turns, remarks on how she hadn't noticed him there and calmly leaves, Brainy is so overcome by the lack of punching that he does it himself.

As Helga makes her way home, she passes through the park: whereas she'd seen football shapes in the clouds, the signs and the water, she now sees the world exactly as it appears. Suddenly frustrated with her lack of emotion, she runs back to the "gypsy", begging her to revert the effects. The woman laughingly explains that the potion was a fraud. Helga, realizing, demands a refund at first, but quickly feels impassioned again and runs out of the shop, kissing Brainy on her way home in her glee (Brainy immediately faints). On the way, she bumps into Arnold, telling him to watch where he's going, then secretly sighs in love while marching home.

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