Helga's Boyfriend is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga is watching a movie and Arnold is sitting in the row in front of her. In the movie, one of the women in the movie sees a man she has a crush on going out with another woman---so the woman decides to date another man to make the man she has a crush on jealous. Helga comes up with the idea on making Arnold jealous.

The next day, Helga hires Stinky in her attempt to make Arnold jealous. First they go into the library mainly because Arnold is there. The plan backfires when Arnold leaves the library and leaving Helga with one unsuccessful plan.

The next plan is that at the roller rink, Helga attempts to make Arnold jealous again with Stinky. The plan fails when Stinky throws Helga into an organ piano by accident.

The next plan is that Helga and her "beau," Stinky, try once again at the park. Arnold and Gerald do not even notice Helga when she attempts to make Arnold jealous. The plan fails when a swarm of bees come and sting Helga for the flowers on her hat.

Outside of the health clinic later, Helga "fires" Stinky.

Stinky is depressed because he discovers that he's in love with Helga. Stinky tells Arnold about it. Arnold asks Stinky why not go and talk to her. Stinky says that he thinks Helga's still hates and rejects him. Helga hears that Arnold is going to talk to her. Helga thinks her plan worked and doesn't realize that Arnold is helping Stinky. Arnold says to Helga that his friend (Stinky) will meet Helga in the park at 3 o'clock. After school, Helga is carving Arnold's head inside the heart on the tree. Stinky comes out from the bushes and tells Helga he loves her. But Helga says that's not good enough and walks away. Arnold says to Stinky to forget about Helga and find another girl. In the cinema, Helga finds Stinky sitting on the chair. She thinks that Stinky is still in love with her and sits next to him. The girl, who looks like Helga shows up and asks Helga to move because Helga is sitting in her chair. Stinky says to Helga that the girl is his girl and her name is Gloria. Helga moves to another row. She can't believe that Stinky is dating Gloria. She sees Arnold sitting in front of her. She stares at Arnold dreamily without neither Arnold nor Gerald noticing and the episode ends.