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"Heat" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


A heat wave hits the city, and Arnold and Gerald try to find a way to get cool, which is nearly impossible considering long lines at the theater, crowded pools, and The Jolly-Olly Man charging $20 for a snow cone.


The episode begins when Arnold has a dream about climing into giant ice cream cones. He gets to the top of one and starts eating it, when he is disturbed by his alarm clock. Arnold wakes up and is found sweating and overheated as the town goes through a heat wave. The garbage is overflowed outside of Arnold's house, traffic is jammed in The highway and even the mailman is complaining about it being hot outside. Meanwhile despite being locked in his meat freezer, Mr. Green is relieved by it. 

Arnold walks down the hallway downstairs while a young woman complains to him about cold air and noticed his grandma acting different than she normally is, Arnold sees the adults cornered in front of the air coditioner when the air conditioner died which causes the grown ups to panic. Grandpa politely asks Arnold to run to the grocery store and get some ice. When he gets there, he noticed a long line and as soon as he arrives, there is only one bag left! With the ice melting due to the intense heat, Arnold quickly runs home then Runs into Gerald. With haste he tells Gerald that he has to get inside before the ice melts, but notices that the ice has already melted. Arnold brings the bag home anyway and the grown ups get angry at Arnold for suspecting that the ice has already melted and Arnold and Gerald scamper away. 

Hot and exhausted, Arnold and Gerald walk when they spot a fire hydrant and try to let it open letting the fire water out attempting to cool down from the water,  but it suddenly runs out which disappoint the boys as they see a burning house across the street and the firefighters putting out the fire. Then, Arnold and Gerald have an idea to go to the movies assuming that it would be cool and air conditioned but they are disgusted with the movie selections and noticed a long line at the ticket booth. Then Arnold suggested that he and Gerald to go the pool and cool off, but notices that the pool was overcrowded! It frustrates Arnold and Gerald tells him to leave and forget about it. 

Arnold and Gerald walk down the street even more tired and overheated when they see their class angrily rioting to the Jolly Oily Man Arnold asks what was going on and why the kids were mad, Six tells Arnold that the ice cream man has raised the prices for ice cream perhaps to the prices that kids can't afford! Eugene asked the Jolly Olly Man for a snow cone but he tells him that the snow cone costs $18.00. Eugene claims that he can't afford it and that he only has $0.75 Angry like a bull, The Jolly Olly Man tells that that amount of money will give him nothing.

Arnold feeling protested like his classmates, confronts the Jolly Olly Man and threatens him if he doesn't lower his prices to a fair amount but the Jolly Olly Man taunts Arnold which forced Arnold to start a youth protest with the kids shouting "No ice cream! No Peace!" 

Helga intervened and also protests against the Jolly Olly Man wanting him to change the prices to what Arnold's classmates can afford and threatens the Jolly Olly Man that they will do something aggressive if he didn't. Jolly Olly Man tries to deal with the infuriating young crowd but Helga and the kids riot and begin to violently shake the ice cream truck attempting to turn it over on its side Helga tells them to stop and wait until she got down from the truck and gives an all clear, Eugene attempts to join in with the riot, but throws his back out due to the truck's weight. 

Arnold and Gerald feel disturbed as they watch the young riot and violently shake the ice cream truck frightening the Jolly Olly Man, Gerald claims that the riot was his fault and Arnold tries to stop the angry young crowd and tries to reason with them that the Jolly Olly Man was their friend and tells them that they were rioting because of the hot weather and asks for his infuriated classmates to calm down and stop. 

Helga and the kids refuse to listen and the kids continue to riot by shaking the truck, until suddenly, storm clouds cover the sky and it begins to pour down rain. Causing the riot to end and the kids along with Arnold and Gerald start to feel relieved from the heat. Frightened and nervous, The Jolly Olly Man sneaks to his truck get inside it and drives away while everyone else is relieved from the rain. Grandma walks with a diving suit on and the episode ends.

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