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"Headless Cabbie" is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Arnold tells an urban legend about a decapitated taxi driver. The gang goes out, only to find the details in the story are becoming real.


During a sleepover, Arnold tells the legend of the Headless Cabbie to Gerald, Sid, Stinky and Harold. A hundred years ago, a cabbie was driving his carriage through the park when a mysterious lady stopped him and asked him to find her lost Scotty dog. She offers her red scarf to the Cabbie who accepts.

As they chase the dog through the park, they come across a man with a golden hook for an arm who just misses them. As the chase continues, the woman grows more and more demonic and as they pass under a low branch, the Cabbie's scarf wraps around it and decapitates him, thus turning him into the Headless Cabbie who now haunts the park on some autumn nights.

The other kids (expect Harold, who’s left terrified) don't believe Arnold's story until they decide to go get some ice cream and go into the park as a shortcut. They come across the same Scotty dog from the story as well as hearing some horses walking (but turn out to be Eugene practicing his clog dancing) and the man with a golden hook for an arm (who in actuallity, is just a watch salesman). Then the boys see a red scarf hanging from a tree branch causing them to be terrified. Eventually they come face-to-no-face with the Headless Cabbie and the horrible Ghost Lady themselves, who turn out to be just Ernie and Mr Hyunh

The kids are brought back home and Ernie is just about to take off when he's stopped by a mysterious lady asking him to find her dog.

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