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"Hall Monitor" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga appoints Phoebe as hall monitor and teaches her how to do the job. But every day, she becomes a stricter hall monitor, but one day gone too far.


At the beginning of this episode, Arnold and Gerald arrive in school both stressed out because Helga was once again hall monitor, but it was Helga's last day serving as hall monitor, Later, Helga marches sternly down the school hallways rudely bossing the other kids around and taking the rules a little too well when she ordered Iggy to stop drinking out of the school water fountain. Later, she runs into Arnold and scolds him for depraving school property, he explains to Helga that he was only tying his shoe. She rudely stares at Arnold and walks on with Phoebe by her side. Which leaves Arnold and Gerald feeling even more uncomfortable with Helga being halo monitor.

Later, Principal Wartz announces to the class in the school auditorium about Helga's performance as hall monitor saying that she does an excellent job with her service. Principal Wartz begins to pick the next hall monitor, but Helga tells him that she doesn't want to give up her job as hall monitor and she wants to volunteer to be hall monitor again for a second time despite of her class' dismay. Principal Wartz was agreeable with Helga's idea but she still had to turn in her uniform and pick someone else, As she is slightly hesisatant to pick one of her other classmates, all of the class anxiously wave their hands at Helga eagerly wanting her to pick them, Suddenly....she does pick someone to be the next hall monitor, It is Phoebe! She picked Phoebe to be the new police officer in the hall, Phoebe is left surprised and she walks to the stage with a spotlight shining on her then Helga hands her her badge and uniform as Principal Wartz congratulates Phoebe for being the new hall monitor.

At first, Helga finds Phoebe very reluctant about being hall monitor and tells her that she wouldn't make a very good hall monitor because of her kind behavior. Helga tries to make her comfortable about her new role as hall monitor At first, Phoebe starts to feel better about her job later, a stampede of students arrive at the school crowding Phoebe making her again feel scared about her job, a classmate scared Phoebe forcing her into a locker, Helga rushes to aid Phoebe and a shaken Phoebe decides she wants to quit. At the nurse's office, Helga explains to Phoebe that she can't quit and later encourages Phoebe despite her classmates pushing and shoving her in the hallway. Then a classmate pushes Phoebe down and another steps on her glasses breaking them which angers Phoebe and tells Helga about her being fed up with her classmates disrespecting her and push her around. She suddenly decides that she wants a change of heart at night, Helga trains her while the school is empty she starts running up and down the halls mocking and teasing Phoebe as she tries calmly to ask Helga to stop running Phoebe fails her first test and Helga stops running and looks at Phoebe who is at a frustrated state, she then tutors her about the drinking fountain rules. Helga again runs down the empty school hall and Phoebe sternly blows her whistle and shouts for Helga to stop. The next day, Phoebe like Helga earlier marches down the hall patrolling it like a cop, Sid storms past her rudely, then Phoebe begins to scold Sid about shoving her, Sid tries to argue with Phoebe until he sees Helga and runs off like a cat. Phoebe suddenly feels very confident about her job and begins to act like Helga by enforcing the rules in a mean, bossy manner. The next day in school, Arnold and Gerald see the school hallway filled with traffic signs and new and strict school rules and become very disgruntled about Phoebe's mean and bossy manner, later, she scolds another student for walking too fast in the hall and writes him up for detention. Helga becomes proud of Phoebe for her mean behavior.

At the lunch line, Arnold and Gerald were discussing about the way Phoebe have been treating them and Gerald receives numerous detention tickets and angrily throws them and Phoebe gives him another one for littering. Meanwhile, Helga cuts in front of Arnold and Gerald eager to get the last tapioca pudding, Phoebe arrives and begins scolding Helga!for cutting in line Helga argues with Phoebe and tells her that she was the one who chose her to be hall monitor but Phoebe refuses to listen to Helga and scolds her even more and then walks away.

In the classroom, Helga disgruntly scrubs the chalkboard. Frustrated and fed up, she scolds at Phoebe and calls her a powering hall monitoring bully Still Phoebe refuses to give in and Helga explains to her about her mean behavior towards her class and that half of them are sitting in detention. She explains to her about the old Phoebe and that she threw away her original character. The whole class is left surprised and confused about the way Phoebe's been acting, but still she refuses to give up her rude, bossy behavior, until the class talks to her, and Phoebe looks at the window at her reflection and daydreams her actually being like Helga!

She later snaps out of her bossy behavior and starts being nice and kind again by quitting her job as hall monitor, as soon ad she turns around, The class is gone. Except for Helga. Helga is happy and relieved that Phoebe returned to her kind self again and assists her out of the classroom, Phoebe again picks up the hall monitor hat and shouts an order, Helga asks for her to come with her, she walks with Helga and the episode ends.