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The Green-Eyed People (also called Green-Eyes) are a fictional group of characters mentioned in the Hey Arnold! TV series. Their first physical appearance is in Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, where they play a pivotal role.


A mysterious tribe living deep within the jungles of San Lorenzo, the Green-Eyes seem to be quite advanced, as they have built large stone structures (including a hidden city with mechanical parts made of stone), and possess several artifacts, many of which incorporate emeralds in their designs. Some of their artifacts even appear to possess magical properties, such as the Corazón.

The Green-Eyes have kept themselves a secret from the rest of the world for years. They have only interacted directly with adventurers Miles Shortman, his love interest-turned-wife Stella, and the couple’s friend Eduardo, who usually relayed messages from the Green-Eyes to Miles and Stella. Miles and Stella first discovered the existence of the Green-Eyes when one of their members saved the couple from going over a waterfall.

To thank the Green-Eyes for saving them, Miles and Stella returned the Corazón to them after it had been stolen by the river pirate Lasombra. Upon recovering the artifact (which they did not look at out of respect for the Green-Eyes), the couple dropped it off at a stone shrine, where the Green-Eyes whisked their treasure away as soon as Miles and Stella had their backs turned. The same thing occurred when the Green-Eyes fell ill during an outbreak of a potent sleeping sickness.

Despite having had minimal contact with one another, Miles and Stella have managed to successfully help the Green-Eyes (and vice versa), and the tribe expressed their trust and gratitude by giving gifts to the couple. These included a small artifact when they returned the Corazón and matching amulets after they delivered the sleeping sickness medicine. In addition, they were responsible for delivering Abner to Miles and Stella as a wedding gift, as well as guiding the couple and Eduardo to a safe place (one of their temples) when a pregnant Stella was about to give birth.

The tribe is aware of Arnold’s name and existence, as they managed to witness his birth, and how all of nature seemed to fall silent when he was born.

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  • In real life, there are no (pure) green-eyed Amerindians, which makes the Green-Eyed People even more mysterious, as it could mean they have a different origin from the rest of the native population of the Americas.
    • Despite this ambiguity, however, it is obvious that the Green-Eyes are heavily modeled after several Meso-American societies and cultures, such as the Mayans and the Aztecs. Additionally, their homeland, the (fictional) country of San Lorenzo, is based on several Latin-American nations in regions such as South America and Central America.
  • They are the only characters in the series who have colored eyes.