• Grandpa has dishes with "1948 - Coney Island", "1944 - Miami Beach", "1936 - Pike's Peak", and "1932 - Los Angeles", although the 1932 plate originally had a date from the 1940s.
  • The episode takes place during an "Indian Summer" (according to Phil). An Indian Summer is a warm period during the fall months.
  • At first, Mitzi says they hadn't spoken in 70 years while Grandpa said 71, but at the end, they switch numbers.
  • Arnold is Phil's only grandson.
  • Mitzi and Gertie are childhood friends, since Gertie mentions that they had sleepovers when they were kids.
  • This episode is "dated", sort of; since the day they stopped speaking to each other (November 13th, 1927) is either 70 or 71 years ago, so it must take place between mid-November 1997 and mid-November 1999.
  • Just after the mousetrap scene, Monkeyman runs outside in front of the Sunset Arms.
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