Gerald's Secret is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Gerald confesses to Arnold that he never learned how to ride a bike, and Arnold has to train him before he competes in the Bike-a-thon. The other kids tease him about it, but Gerald eventually proves them wrong.


The episode starts with Arnold and friends getting ready for a bike-a-thon Gerald then asks the gang what their doing. Arnold asks him to join them in the race. Gerald than makes an excuse that he has to paint his house. The others go and practice the race. Arnold comes to his house to help Gerald. Gerald tells Arnold that he can’t ride a bike. Arnold dosent Believe him at first but Gerald warns him not to tell anyone and he promises. Gerald explains to Arnold why he can’t ride a bike. Gerald almost hurt himself by going down a huge hill. Arnold tells Gerald he can help him master bike riding. They go to a tire lot Gerald arrives in a rain coat and a mountain bike. Arnold shows Gerald a pink bike with training wheels. Meanwhile Harold catches Gerald riding the girly bike. He immediately sprints to tell the others what he just saw. When Gerald and Arnold comes back Gerald gets picked on. A brief trading montage happens Gerald keeps getting hurt and finally gives up Arnold tells gerald not to give up. Right before the race starts Gerald comes on a bike and wins the race.

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