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"Gerald's Game" is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Gerald gets swept away in a roleplaying card game, and it's up to Arnold to bring him back to reality.


The episode opens with Arnold and Gerald playing pinball, talking about all of the various fun things they'd done that day, and they agree to go to see a movie the next day. Arnold waits for Gerald, but he doesn't show up until after it's already sold out. They go to Lamoreaux's Bookstore and Gerald looks at a book about a game called "The King Rules", which Arnold notes as being "pretty crazy", and a "waste of time". Gerald buys it, saying that he's getting it for his brother. They agree to work on a school project the next day, but Gerald is absent altogether this time. He claims to have been playing with Timberly, although Arnold doesn't believe him. Gerald tells Arnold that he can't help with the project all week, either, and tells Arnold that he has to go to bed.

On a later day, after school, Arnold sees Gerald, Big Gino and Edmund behind Dr. Steiglitz's office, but loses them when Steiglitz bumps into him. He later interrogates Gerald about it, but he claims to have nothing to do with them. Arnold follows Gerald the next day, and he does go into a shack behind Steiglitz's office, where he is playing a game of The King Rules, where he is king, and the others must obey him. Arnold confronts Gerald about it, who says that Arnold can't tell him what to do, and that he's not going to stop. Arnold seeks advice from Grandpa, who advises him to make up an "invisible friend". After overhearing that there is an upcoming tournament, to which the winner will become king. Arnold learns to play the game, becoming more and more skilled. He leaves a letter in Gino's locker, saying that he's the King Rules king of P.S. 119, and that he wants to enter their upcoming tournament. As instructed, Gino leaves a note at Gerald Field saying that the tournament is to be held at his place.

Arnold arrives to the surprise of everyone, but Gerald allows him to enter. As more and more players drop off, the final two are revealed: Arnold and Gerald. Gerald tries to convince Arnold not to play, but he is determined, and stands his ground. Arnold tries to reason with Gerald while they play, eventually putting all of his cards on the table, to the shock of everyone else. Gerald insists that Arnold not risk becoming a dungeon pawn, but Arnold forces Gerald's hand. Ultimately, Gerald folds, and leaves the others to fight over the crown. He apologizes to Arnold, and tells him that his hand was "six unhappy uncles", the best hand in the game.

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