Eduardo is a fictional character from the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Eduardo is a helpful friend to Miles, Stella, and the Green Eyes. He also is part of the group "Helpers for Humanity", suggesting that like his friends, Eduardo cares for the Central American tribes, and does humanitarian work.


Eduardo is a Central American man with a mustache and a goatee. He wears a white shirt and hat, along with blue pants. His hair is a dark brown. In The Jungle Movie, his hair is a lighter brown, do to him being 8-9 years older, and his hat is also now brown instead of white.


Eduardo is an anthropologist from Central American Republic of San Lorenzo. He was Miles' partner and friend when he was exploring the jungle. He acted as a friend to Miles and Stella, helping them in various occasions, most notably the birth of their son, Arnold. He seems to be a trained pilot. He also has knowledge and some degree of communication with the Green-Eyed People, though he wasn't as trusted as Miles and Stella. It was also Eduardo who came back a couple of years after Arnold's parents had "retired" to get them to come back to the country to stop another outbreak of the sleeping sickness. He was the last person to say goodbye to them.

In Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, he supposedly leads Arnold's class in a trip through the jungle and saves them from a river pirate attack, although the man claiming to be Eduardo turns out to actually be Lasombra posing as him, setting up a trap for Arnold. The real Eduardo was attacked in his house and kidnapped by Lasombra's men, though he managed to escape. Eduardo tried to catch up with Lasombra, but the pirate claimed Eduardo's boat was a river pirate boat, and lost him in the river rapids. Eduardo saves Arnold, Helga, and Gerald from falling off a broken bridge and fights off Lasombra. Finally, Eduardo accompanies the trio to the Green-Eyes' city where they uncover what actually happened to Miles and Stella.

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