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Doug LeChat is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He was Olga's fiancé in the episode "Olga Gets Engaged", but after Helga exposed him as a sociopathic liar and a con-artist, he broke off the engagement in an uncharacteristic moment of decency.

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  • He's almost like Oskar in being a con-artist except for a few differences: Deep down, Oskar is a good person who really loves his wife, would never commit infidelity and can feel great remorse if he's done something to deeply upset her or anyone else and is willing to fix those things while Doug is willing to commit infidelity and/or bigamy and has no shame in lying or hurting or tricking or manipulating people.
  • Doug's last name is LeSham. Interestingly enough, a "sham" is another word for a lie or façade, referring to Doug's role in "Olga Gets Engaged".