Opening Credits

Written by

Music by

Directed by

Closing Credits

Executive Producer

Supervising Producer


Story Editor

  • Rachel Lipman

Script Consultant

  • Mike Ferris

Line Producer

  • Melinda Wünsch Rediger


Toran Caudell Arnold
Jamil W. Smith Gerald
Dan Castellaneta Grandpa / Bus Driver
Carlos Alazraqui Nigel / Man
Dom Irrera Ernie
Baoan Coleman Mr. Hyunh
Danica Ivancevic Receptionist
Stephen Viksten Oskar

Casting Director

Production Manager

  • Donna Smith

Supervising Director

  • Jamie Mitchell

Storyboard Director

  • Stark Howell

Storyboard Artist

Assistant Storyboard Artists

Original Character Designer

  • Craig Bartlett

Character & Prop Designers

Layout Designers

Background Painters

  • Doug Appleton
  • Alfred Budnick
  • Kenji Notani

Color Key Supervisor

Color Key Stylist

  • Catherine E. Simmonds


  • Karin Stover

Animation Director

  • Dale Case

Animatic Technician

  • Paul Finn

Animatic Coordinator

  • Christine Kolosov

Final Checkers

  • Karen Hansen
  • Myoung Smith
  • Kathrin Victor
  • Jungja Kim-Wolfe

Production Assistants

  • Jim Lara
  • Michael Walsh

Casting Coordinator

  • Aimee Comeau

Writer's Assistants

Assistant to Producers


  • Mark Merthe


  • Cecile Candari
  • David James
  • Jeff Marshall
  • Lindsay Pei
  • June Tedesco
  • David Warden

Post Production Supervisor

  • Heather Adams

Picture Editor

  • Christopher Hink

Supervising Editor

  • Scott Jeffress

Post Production Coordinator

  • Suzanne Benton

Sound Supervisor & Mixer

  • Timothy J. Borquez

Supervising Sound FX Editor

  • Tom Syslo

Dialogue Editors

  • Les Wolf
  • Fredrich Hammel

Dialogue & Foley Mixer

  • Brad Brock

Foley Artist

  • Diane Greco

Sound Services Provided by

  • Horta Editorial & Sound Inc.

Post Production Services

  • Anderson Video
  • Hollywood Digital
  • Whipping Post

Animation Services

  • Hung Long Animation Co., Ltd.
  • Hong Ying Animation Co., Ltd.

Overseas Animation Supervisors

  • Greg Hill
  • Skinny Wen

Overseas Background Supervisor

  • Jonathon Goley

Animation Services for Main Title Sequence

  • Toon-Us-In Animations, Inc.
  • U.S. Animation

Financial Services

  • Robert Cseko
  • Bill Hutten

For Nickelodeon Story Editor

  • Vince Calandra

Supervising Producer

  • Kathrin Seitz

Executive in Charge of Production

  • Bennett E. McClellan

Executive Producer

  • Mary Harrington