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"Dinner for Four" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga goes to the wrong restaurant.


After seeing Arnold praise Lila as being sophisticated, Helga decides to invite him, Gerald and Phoebe for some fine dining at Chez Paris so she can show Arnold her more sophisticated side. At dinner things go according to plan until the check arrives and she realizes her coupon is for a free dinner at Chez Pierre, a different restaurant. In an attempt to stall for time, Helga orders more food, running up the tab well after everyone's had their fill.

Desperate, she calls Nadine, asking her to deliver a box of cockroaches to the restaurant. When the roaches are unleashed in the restaurant, Helga finally finds her way out of paying the bill. On their way home Arnold learns of Helga's scheme and tries to convince her to go back to the restaurant and explain what happened. After a little resistance, Helga and her friends find themselves back at Chez Paris washing dishes in order to pay the bill. Arnold comments that Helga's decision to "do the right thing" was pretty sophisticated. Interestingly enough, at the end of the episode, Arnold playfully sprays Helga with the dish sprayer, and winks. It is one of the many times that Arnold shows that he may have some feelings, albeit complex feelings, for Helga.

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