Councilman Gladhand is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He was the city councilman for the local district of Arnold's neighborhood until he was defeated in an election by Mr. Green.

Gladhand only cared about the perks of his job and did nothing to help his constituents. For example, when Arnold and Mr. Green went to his office to complain about the massive pothole in front of Mr. Green's shop which had long since become a sinkhole, his main focus was meeting with campaign contributors and photo ops. His solution for the sinkhole was to throw a single plywood board over the hole which ends up causing a huge traffic pileup and knocks the power out for the block. 

During his reelection campaign, he only talks in slogans and buzzwords while campaigning. After Mr. Green gets the upper hand in their debate, Gladhand starts tripping over his words and begins to crack under pressure. The voters get tired of his evasiveness and Mr. Green's popularity begins to increase due to his candid answers and easy to understand meat metaphors. Realizing there was a good chance he could lose the election, Gladhand goes to Arnold and asks him to convince Mr. Green to drop out of the race in exchange for having the pothole filled and a huge party. Arnold refuses the offer knowing that Gladhand won't care about anyone's problems if he gets reelected. After the election results come in, Gladhand loses to Mr. Green and sulks outside his butcher shop before falling into the giant pothole he never got filled. 

His only appearance is in "Mr. Green Runs." But, He does make a cameo in the end of “Dino Checks Out”.

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